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"The health and safety of our participants, including our instructors, is our top priority."
- John Spannuth, USWFA President/CEO

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USWFA President and CEO, John Spannuth, practices what he preaches as he water exercises three times a week.

(Photo published in the Palm Beach Post and reprinted with permission.)


Photo of John Spannuth water exercising

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About the USWFA

The idea of forming the USWFA was born at the First Annual National Water Fitness Conference held in Norman, Oklahoma, from November 4th to 6th, 1988. More than 70 people attended the conference from 25 states. It was at this conference, directed by John R. Spannuth, that a group of people encouraged John to form a non-profit educational organization to promote Aquatics including Water Fitness throughout the country.

John had years of experience working with non-profit educational organizations so he took on the challenge. He resigned his very secure position in Oklahoma and moved back to Florida to form the USWFA.

Starting a new organization can be difficult and time consuming, so he gathered supporters and the organization was formed. One of the problems was he had a lot of encouragement to form the organization but nobody had donated dollars to start the organization. The organization operated on a very low budget during the first few years but as the programs and support developed, the financial picture got much brighter.

The USWFA, now located in Boynton Beach, Florida, provides many services and programs and has enlarged its staff. We are very proud of the amount of work that is generated at the USWFA National Headquarters. Call us at
561-732-9908 or email: info@uswfa.org.

John Spannuth

John R. Spannuth

USWFA President/CEO
National & International Renowned Speaker

Phone: 561-732-9908
Email: john@uswfa.org

"The health, safety, and security of our participants, including our instructors, is our top priority."

For over 50 years, John Spannuth has been a leader and innovator in almost every field of aquatics, the most recent in recreational and fitness swimming as the CEO of United States Water Fitness, Inc.

From his first full-time job in aquatics in 1956 as Aquatics Director of the Reading, PA, YMCA, he has developed outstanding programs. He has been the Aquatics Director and Head Swimming Coach for Phillips Petroleum Co. in Bartlesville, Oklahoma where in seven years he developed one of the best age group swim teams in the country. He was the National Aquatics Administrator for the AAU, where, on a national level, he guided all four disciplines plus long distance and Masters swimming. He was the International Director of the Special Olympics in Washington, DC, where he guided the growth of Special Olympics for Eunice Shriver and helped to build it into an internationally recognized program for persons with intellectual disabilities. He served four years in the Middle East as Aquatics, Sports and Recreation Administrator in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, while teaching swimming on all levels including competitive swimming to native children of the region.


This We Believe!

  • A great aquatics program can be developed anywhere in the world ... if ... you know how to do it!
            We Know How to Do It!

  • Aquatic facilities need to look in the mirror and say ... "We need help!"
            If you don't get help now ... when will you get it?

  • Aquatic facilities need to ask ... "How long will our program last as it is now?"

  • We all need to recognize what needs to be fixed!
            We also need to recognize the solution so we can move forward to the next level.

  • Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if all you do is sit there.

  • Many swimming pools are full all day long...but often...with the wrong programs.
            We can help review your programs, your pool schedules, goals, individual programs and priorities!

  • You can distinguish yourself above your competition.
            We encourage you to make a serious effort to get and keep the competitive advantage.

  • Facilities need to keep their aquatic programs tuned up.

  • Most aquatic programs need some pizzazz!
            We can help you lean more about this!

  • Your swimming pool can be a profit-making center.

  • There is a next-generation aquatics philosophy emerging.
            We want to help people learn more about it!

  • Aquatic programs need innovation.
            We can help bring in something new!

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