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Suggested Swimming Pool Temperatures

This is a debatable subject! The suggested pool temperature is usually dependant on the person's activity in the pool. Below are some ideas regarding water temperatures for various activities.

Highly Competitive Swimming Teams: 78 to 80 degrees
Swimming Lessons (beginners)  


3 - 5 years:
6 - 13 years:

88 to 94 degrees
86 to 90 degrees
84 to 86 degrees
85 to 89 degrees

Water Fitness  
Aqua Aerobics:
Water Walking:
83+ degrees (83 degrees is a minimum)
84+ degrees
78 to 82 degrees
The older the person, the higher they like the water temperature
(up to a certain point).

Special Note:Because of varying water temperatures, and for the safety of participants, classes should vary depending on the water temperature. High aerobic activity in high temperature water can be dangerous.

It's important to remember that you can never keep everybody happy regarding water temperature. If a pool is used for just one of the above-mentioned programs, you do not have a problem. However, if your pool is used for a variety of aquatic programs, you have what we call a "multi-purpose pool." The water temperature at the average multi-purpose pool in the USA is 84 to 86 degrees.

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