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Pack Your Swimming Pool

Aquatic programming has changed enormously over the last twenty years!  The United States Water Fitness Association has been working to help aquatics administrators learn about the many opportunities to expand their aquatic programs and to increase participation and revenue.

A well-known American once said, “The average aquatic program in our country is designed for and includes young, healthy, white children.  Go to the average pool on a Sunday afternoon and who do you see in the pool?”  The USWFA is continuing to work on educating Americans that swimming pools offer a variety of options for all Americans.

Learning to conduct multiple programs in your pool at one time is very important!  Years ago, only one program was conducted in a pool at one time.  New pools offer a variety of programs at the same time in an attempt to use every inch of water space.  This is called packing your swimming pool and creating a three-ring circus in your pool!

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