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National Professional Deep Water Fitness Instructors Certification Course
A New National Certification Course (providing a new credential) for
Professional Deep Water Exercise Instructors
Featuring - The New National Deep Water Exercise Instructors Manual –
Which Includes 20 Different Types Of Deep Water Exercises
And Introducing – Galloping and Flying In The Water
Type of Course - This is a distance learning/home study course. This course is designed so the student can complete the course at their own pace (speed).
Importance Of This Specialization Course
  • A skill shortage exists in the availability of instructors who are certified and/or qualified to teach deep water exercise. Most water exercise instructors do not have much experience teaching deep water exercise. More education and training is needed.
  • Most water exercise instructors are educated, trained, experienced, and/or certified to teach shallow water exercise – but – teaching deep water exercise classes is very different! This is why we have done extensive research on this subject – and – have produced this new and unique certification course.
  • Shallow water space is usually very busy and crowded – some people say our shallow water time is “maxed out.” So why not establish and/or expand your deep water exercise program? This program can help you to learn how to do it.
  • Having a well planned and thought-out deep water exercise program can increase class participation and increase revenue for your facility and instructors.
  • We predict that:
    • This course will help to completely revolutionize aquatic exercise programs.
    • The next big thing in aquatics will be tremendous emphasis, interest, growth, and involvement in water exercise – especially deep water exercise!
  • Minimum age of 16.
  • Interest in learning more about a wide variety of methods of exercising in deep water.
  • Desire to secure a high-level water exercise credential.
  • Excited about making classes more beneficial to your clients and more fun. Planning and conducting classes that are never boring.
Course Materials
  • National Deep Water Exercise Manual. Consists of 200 pages.
  • Deep Water Exercise DVD
  • Open Book Test
Steps To Becoming Certified
  1. Complete the official course registration form and forward it with your program fee to the USWFA National Headquarters.
  2. When your registration and program fee are received at USWFA National Headquarters, your course materials will be mailed to you by Priority Mail.
  3. Read and study the manual.
  4. Review the DVD.
  5. Complete the Open Book Test.
  6. When you have completed the Open Book Test, mail it to USWFA National Headquarters.
  7. When received, your Open Book Test will be reviewed, evaluated, and graded within 10 days.
  8. If you have successfully completed all of the requirements, your national certification and card will be mailed to you.
How Long Will It Take Me To Successfully Complete The Course?
This course is a distance learning/home study course. How long it takes is – that depends on how high the completion of this course is on your priority list. When you have completed all of the Open Book Test, you should mail it to USWFA National Headquarters.
The Chapters Of The Manual Are Listed Below
Chapter 1 - General Information Regarding Deep Water Exercise
Chapter 2 - Understanding The USWFA
Chapter 3 - Health And Safety
Chapter 4 - Watermanship As Related To Deep Water Exercise
Chapter 5 - Basic Physical Fitness Reminders
Chapter 6 - Five Categories Of Aquatic Exercise
Chapter 7 - Benefits Of Exercising In The Deep Water
Chapter 8 - Getting More People Involved In Your Deep Water Exercise Program And Classes
Chapter 9 - Deep Water Exercise Pioneers
Chapter 10 - Methods Of Using The Hands, Arms, And Legs In Deep Water
Chapter 11 - Exploring Deep Water Possibilities
Chapter 12 - Basic Skills, Exercises, Ideas And Programs For The 20 Types Of Deep Water Exercise
Chapter 13 - Potential Names For Deep Water Exercise Classes
Chapter 14 - Deep Water Equipment
Chapter 15 - Creating Play And Fun In The Deep Water
Chapter 16 - Creating Income
Chapter 17 - Planning Classes (Including Lesson Plans)
Chapter 18 - Discovering Sources Of Information
Chapter 19 - Course Completion Materials Explained
Chapter 20 -The Completion Packet
Please email your questions to us at USWFA National Headquarters.

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