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National Certification for
Aquatic Fitness Personal Trainers
A Distance Learning Course

You can make
Two-Three or Four Times More Dollars Per Hour
than you are making now by doing
Aquatic Fitness Personal Training!

It's the Hottest Trend in Aquatics!

Aquatic Fitness Personal Training is, we believe, 
The Fastest Growing Aquatic Program in the Country!

Why do people want an Aquatic Exercise Personal Trainer?

The following are some of the reasons:

✓ Body Tone ✓ Build Strength ✓ Flexibility
✓ Weight Loss ✓ Cardiovascular Training ✓ Health Reasons
✓ Body Composition ✓ Get Back in Shape ✓ Stay in Shape
✓ They Need a Knowledgeable Person to Help Motivate Them
✓ They Want Individual Attention and are Willing to Pay for It - Big Time!

Aquatic Fitness Personal Training has the potential to be
A Great New Income Source for Water Exercise Instructors!

We expect Aquatic Fitness Personal Training to be
The Largest Producer of Money for Instructors and Aquatic Facilities
five years from now!

Very Special Note:
Usually aquatic fitness personal trainers make two, three or four times as much doing one aquatic exercise personal training session as doing one water exercise class (2-3 or 4 times more money per hour!) How does this sound to you? Would you like to make two, three or four times as many dollars per hour as you do now?

Having this certification will "beef up your resume" and knowledge,
plus improve your chances of being hired over non-certified
Aquatic Fitness Personal Trainers!

Want up-to-date water exercise information and ideas?
Order the Aquatic Fitness Personal Training Manual!

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Summary of Chapters In This Manual


Quick Summary of Chapter Content

1.  Basic Orientation for the Personal
     Training Course
Information regarding the procedure of securing your certification (3 year certificate, renewal and CEU's from other organizations, etc.)
2.  Understanding the USWFA General information regarding the works (programs, projects and services)
3.  The Aquatic Fitness Personal
Explains the importance of personal training and Aquatic Fitness Personal trainers, etc.
4.  Overview of a Good Personal
Explains the important attributes of aquatic fitness personal trainers.
5.  Health Screening Explains the importance of health screening including: health history forms, determining client's goals, evaluating the client's current level of fitness, etc.
6.  Cardiovascular Explores heart rate measurement, exercise heart rate, heart rate formulas, blood pressure, etc.
7.  The Personal Training Session Expounds on personal training guidelines including developing a sound program, legal considerations, emergency procedures, fees to be charged, etc.
8.  Marketing for the Aquatic Fitness
     Personal Trainer
How to promote aquatic fitness personal training and how to promote your individual personal training sessions.
9.  Health and Nutrition Explanations regarding nutrition in general, hydration and fluid replacement, metabolism, leading health indicators, etc.
10. Five Categories of Aquatic
Detailed explanations regarding the five major parts of aquatic exercise.
11. Other People's Ideas (OPI's) The USWFA has strong thinking regarding the fact that no one person has all of the knowledge regarding any topic! Therefore, the sharing of ideas from a wide variety of individuals is crucial! This chapter consisting of more than 100 pages includes ideas regarding water exercises, forms, etc.
12. Exercises Explains a wide variety of water exercises for your consideration including warm-up, cool-downs, lower body, mid-body and upper body movements. it also has noodle and deep-water ideas. 1100 names for water exercise classes are included. Forty (40) pages!
13. Setting Up a Circuit Training
Ideas regarding adding variety to your personal training sessions by setting up  circuit training program.
14. Glossary of Terms More than 60 terms related to water exercise explained.
15. Open Book Test This section is designed to help the reader to read and study this updated material.

Certification Process for the National Certification of
Aquatic Fitness Personal Trainers Course

  1. Complete the registration form, include the program fee and return it to the USWFA National Headquarters.

  2. Upon receipt of your registration form and program fee you will be sent the course materials, including the following:
    1. National Aquatic Fitness Personal Trainers Manual
    2. Small Anatomy Manual
    3. Distance Learning Packet to be completed (Open Book Test, Practice Teaching Forms, etc.)
  3. The student will complete the paperwork and attach the following to the Open Book Test:
    1. Clear Photo ID (Current Driver's License Preferred)
    2. Current Adult CPR card
    3. List hours of actual teaching experience as a water instructor. Note: In order to secure your Masters Certification, you must have at least 2 years and 200 hours experience as a water exercise instructor.
    4. Copy of current National Certification Card for Water Fitness Instructors through one of the following:
      USWFA, YMCA or AEA.
  1. Complete the entire Distance Learning Packet (Open Book Test) including the practice teaching forms and survey of  Aquatic Fitness Personal Programs.

  2. Mail the completed Distance Learning Packet (Open Book Test, etc.) to USWFA National Headquarters for review and grading.

  3. Upon the successful completion of the Distance Learning Packet, USWFA National Headquarters will send your final test to be completed. This test is not an Open Book Test and will be completed without using any books, manuals, papers and/or notes. This final test will be taken in front of a monitor who watches to make sure that no materials of any kind are used. The monitor then mails the test in the stamped envelope addressed to USWFA National Headquarters.

  4. Upon receipt of the final test by USWFA National Headquarters, it will be graded. If the student has passed the final test and completes all materials successfully, they will be mailed their three (3) year national certification.

Online Course Registration

Printable Registration Form for Mail or Fax