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"The health and safety of our participants, including our instructors, is our top priority."
- John Spannuth, USWFA President/CEO

Become Active In Aquatic Fitness Personal Training As An Instructor or Participant
✓ One-On-One
✓ Semi-Private (One-On-Two)
✓ Small Group Personal Training

Why Do People Want (and Need) an 
Aquatic Fitness Personal Trainer?

The following are some of the reasons:

Get Motivated Health Reasons Adjusting to Change
Body Tone Flexibility Enjoy Fitness Activities
Weight Loss Balance Cardiovascular Training
Exercise Modifications Build Strength Body Composition
Get Back In Shape Body Alignment Discover More Safe Exercises
Stay in Shape Health Coaching Develop Healthy Lifetime Habits
Sports Specific Training Fitness Journaling Have Fun
Desire to Change Unhealthy and Sabotaging Behaviors!
Want Individual Attention and Are Willing to Pay for It!
They Need a Knowledgeable Person to Help Motivate Them!

Types Of Aquatic Fitness Personal Training Sessions:

Select one, two or three of the following:

  • One-on-One
    One Instructor and One Student
    Major Advantage: You have the complete undivided attention of your Professional Trainer.

  • Semi-Private
    One Instructor and Two Students
    Major Advantages:
        ٭ You and a friend can workout together with one Professional Personal Trainer.
        ٭ Reduced charge over one-on-one.

  • Small Group
    One Instructor with Four or Five Students
    Major Advantages:
        ٭ You and a group workout in an intimate group with one Professional Personal Trainer.
        ٭ Reduced price over one-on-one or semi-private.

Important Considerations Regarding Hiring a Personal Trainer:

  • Understand that there is a big difference between land and water exercise. Only Nationally Certified Water Fitness Instructors should be teaching water exercise.

  • Remember, teaching land and water exercise is like comparing grapes to watermelons. They are very different.

  • Check for Credentials When teaching water fitness personal training, each instructor should definitely have the following two (2) National Certifications:
    1. National Certification for Water Fitness Instructors.
    2. National Certification for Aquatic Fitness Personal Trainers.

  • Water Temperature Considerations
    The average indoor multipurpose pool temperature is 84 to 86 degrees. Some pools are colder or hotter. There is no way to keep everybody happy regarding pool temperatures.

The USWFA Motto is:

"The Health and Safety of our Participants (including our Instructors) is our 
Top Priority!