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National Certification for
Aquatic Directors & Senior Aquatic Director
A Distance Learning Course

published by The United States Water Fitness Association, 
includes the course materials for both the 


The Aquatic Director Manual includes 50 chapters consisting of 
more than 360 pages and 30 master forms 
that you can reproduce.

Learn About Producing Modern Aquatic Programs And How To:

Increase Participation
Produce More Revenue
Improve Retention Levels
Create More Happy Customers

Easy Reading:  Not written like a college textbook, but designed to provide you with a fast, 
simple to read and understand format.  
You will find key phrases and much of the material in outline form.  
Lots of informative materials

Review The Chapter Heading And Decide If You Need
Or Can Use This Information!
  1. General Information: Where Are We Now & Where Do You Begin?
  2. Reinvent Your Aquatics Program
  3. Winning With Diversity
  4. Developing One Stop Programs
  5. Accountability
  6. Health & Safety
  7. Image Building & Revising
  8. Change-Getting Ready For Change
  9. Overview-Aquatic Programming
  10. Trends-Looking Beyond Today
  11. Aquatic Facilities
  12. Extra Bells & Whistles (Water Slides, Etc.)
  13. Infecting Your Community With Aquatic Fever
  14. Use Of Pool (Including Rentals)
  15. Scheduling & Determining Priorities
  16. Program Administration & Leadership (Leadership Is The Key)
  17. Who Motivates The Motivator
  18. Positive Work Habits
  19. Conducting Productive Meetings
  20. Victory Over The Telephone
  21. Networking-Is Your Net Working?
  22. Policies & Procedures
  23. Populations Served
  24. Employees (Including Staff Development, etc.)
  25. Teamwork
  1. Aquatic Committee
  2. Programs (101 Program Ideas & 700+ Names For Water Fitness Classes)
  3. Program Registration
  4. Special Events
  5. Producing Revenue & Controlling Expenses
  6. Equipment (Selection, Purchase & Care Of It)
  7. Producing Fun
  8. The Power Of Recognition
  9. Producing Top Customer Service
  10. Retention-How To Keep
  11. Know Your Competition Customers
  12. Sales & Marketing
  13. Advertising & PR
  14. Make The Connection
  15. Use Of Volunteers
  16. Consultants
  17. Legal Liability & Risk Management
  18. Aquatic Products
  19. Aquatic Entrepreneurs
  20. Consumer Education Seminars
  21. 100+ Organizations Interested In Aquatics
  22. Designing A New Pool And/Or Renovating Your Existing Pool
  23. Program Evaluation
  24. Let’s Produce Results

Prerequisites for Aquatic Directors:
  • 18 Years Old or Older
  • A Current CPR Certification

Prerequisites for Senior Aquatic Directors:

  • Minimum Age of 21 Years Old
  • Have a Minimum of at Least three (3) Years of Experience as an Aquatic Director
  • A Current CPR Certification

Steps To Becoming Certified:

  • Complete the official course registration form and forward it with the program fee to the USWFA National Headquarters.
  • Your course materials, open book test, and aquatic director interviews will be forwarded to you within three to four business days by priority mail.
  • Complete the open book test and aquatic director interviews.  Return them to the USWFA National Headquarters within 60 days of the receipt of the course materials.
    • Two (2) Aquatic Director Interviews
    • Four (4) Senior Aquatic Director Interviews

Your open book test and aquatic director interviews will be reviewed, evaluated and graded within approximately ten days.  The following scores are needed to pass the test. 

  • Aquatic Director – 90%
  • Senior Aquatic Director – 95%

Note:  If you do not pass the test, we will return the test to you to correct.  A score of 98% is required to pass on the second try.

After successfully completing the open book test and aquatic director interviews, we will mail your certificate (suitable for framing) and card. 

Program Fee:  (There Are No Refunds on Course Materials) 
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  • Aquatic Director:              $449.00
  • Senior Aquatic Director:  $499.00
  • Orders Out Of The USA – Add $50.00

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