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After Basic Swimming Lessons, What is There?

The Problem:

Parents say they want their child and/or children to learn to swim but as soon as their child “can swim just a little,” they think their child is now safe in, on or around the water. Then they think it’s time for another activity such as soccer, football, baseball, music lessons, after school programs, etc.

The Solution:

  1. Aquatics professionals need to understand that aquatics should be a lifetime activity. They need to understand the benefits of being involved in aquatic activities.
  2. Aquatics professionals need to do serious planning regarding how they can keep children involved in aquatic programs. One of the important goals for each aquatics program should be to keep children involved in meaningful aquatic programs.
  3. When meaningful programs are established, aquatic professionals need to sell parents on the benefits of keeping children involved in aquatic programs and activities.

Some Ideas for Youth Aquatic Programs

More Swimming Classes: Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, etc.
Progressive Skills Program: Featuring a variety of aquatic learning possibilities, including learning lifetime aquatic skills and activities.
Water Fitness Opportunities:  Classes built on the philosophy of fitness by direction.  Disguise the name – do not call it youth water exercise.  Youth Splash is one possible name.  Keep them busy with fun and games.  You’ll be surprised at how tired they will be at the end of the class.  The key is – make it fun!
Volunteer Opportunities: Help with class.  Be an Instructor’s Assistant.
Competitive Opportunities:     Wide variety of possibilities including:
  1. Basic competitive swimming stroke/fun class.
  2. Join a beginner type swimming team (summer team, i.e., a summer pool fun team).
  3. The next step is to move them into a regular swimming team.
  4. Next, into a high level, high pressure team.

*  Another option is a recreational team, i.e., innertube polo, water basketball, etc.

Special Events:  Wide variety of possibilities including water carnival, pool parties, etc.
Aquatic Leadership:
  1. Jr. aquatic leaders.
  2. Jr. lifeguards.

Special NoteThis can help you to grow potential future staff members.

More Opportunities to Enjoy & Other Aquatic Experiences: 
  1. Outdoor aquatic, i.e., boating, fishing, etc.
  2. Trip to a water theme park.

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