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"The health and safety of our participants, including our instructors, is our top priority."
- John Spannuth, USWFA President/CEO

The USWFA is a National Non-Profit Educational Organization that believes in striving towards personal and professional excellence.

Purpose of the Internship
The internship is designed to provide the candidate:

  • The opportunity to test classroom theories and techniques.
  • The opportunity to evaluate the choice of profession.
  • A challenge and a stimulus to learn.
  • Assessment of strengths and weaknesses in professional preparation.
  • Entry into the workforce as a natural part of the academic process.

Duties and Responsibilities
The successful candidate will:

  • Assume responsibility for a major project based on the candidate's strengths and the organization's needs.
  • Accept responsibility for minor projects that provide hands-on learning experiences.
  • Plan, organize, and create new program ideas that will enhance existing programs.
  • Assist in the execution of day to day operations/services.
  • Learn agency’s proper procedures for office management, phone etiquette, record keeping, and various paperwork.

Qualified candidates should be pursuing a degree in one of the following majors or a related discipline:

  • Sports Management
  • Physical Education and Recreation
  • Exercise Science
  • Journalism
  • PR and Marketing
  • Business Administration

The successful candidate will:

  • Possess strong interpersonal skills.
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Have the ability to commit to a 5 day/40 hours per week schedule.
  • Exhibit professionalism and a strong work ethic at all times.

How To Apply
The following is required to apply for internship:

  • Cover letter explaining the applicant's goals and reasons for being interested in the internship.
  • Current resume.
  • An interview. A personal interview is preferred, but in cases where this is not possible, a telephone interview will be arranged.

Please direct all application materials to:
    Marion Frega, Assistant to the President
    United States Water Fitness Association
    PO Box 243279
    Boynton Beach, FL 32724-3279
    Fax: (561)732-0950
    Email: Marion@uswfa.org

Want to talk about the possibilities?

Contact: Marion Frega at (561)732-9908 between the hours of 8:00am - 4:00pm EST Monday - Friday.

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