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2011 National Aquatic Program Awards

Sponsored by The United States Water Fitness Association

The results of the 2011 National Aquatic Program Awards have been tabulated and include the following:

1. Listings of the Top Aquatic Programs in the Country for 2011 including:

A. The Rankings of the Top Program – in order
B. The Top Programs by State (16 different states).
C. The Top Programs by Category (12 different types of facilities)
D. The Top Aquatic Directors in the Country

2. Listings of the Top Programs by Specific Aquatic Programs:

A. Infant Swimming Instruction
B. Adult Swimming Instruction
C. Overall Swimming Instruction
D. Water Walking
E. Adapted Aquatics
F. Athletic Team Aquatic Fitness
G. Aquatic Exercise Personal Training
H. Different Types of Classes
I. Overall Water Exercise
J. Fun/Recreation Swim Teams
K. Masters Swimming
L. Overall Competitive Programs
M. Synchronized Swimming
N. Water Shows
O. Jr. Aquatic Leaders
P. Fundraising
Q. Outreach Programs
R. Aquatic Volunteers
S. Aquatic Events
T. Social Events
U. Promotion of Aquatics
V. Improvement of Rankings

2011 Top Aquatic Programs in the Country

2011 Top Aquatic Programs Ranking By State

2011 Top Aquatic Programs By Category



On the following pages you will find Individual Rankings for various parts of aquatic programs. After a very careful and extensive review of each of the contest entry forms and reviewing support information from each of the facilities, we are happy to announce the facilities that have been ranked for this very special recognition. View the Individual Rankings .

If your facility is not listed in a specific program area, we encourage you to review your effort to develop that specific area. If you are listed in a specific area, we encourage you to think about what you can do to develop that specific program so it will be stronger.

There were more facilities that listed specific information regarding each specialization, but our point system and ranking procedures only listed the very top facilities in each of the specific program areas. Please see the overall listing of rankings for the complete name of the organization.

Many of our Forms and Publications available on this website are in PDF format. If you have problems viewing these files please visit the Adobe website to download the free Acrobat Reader: